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Walk with us...

  • Submit original articles, essays, poems, images, podcasts, or any form of audio visual content.
  • Check with our team (scroll up for the email) before submission for the parameters of the image or audio and the digital format.
  • Submit your article in a .doc/.docx editable format after copy editing. All submissions are digital (of course).
  • Put your name on the file attachment and a short description or abstract of your submission in your email.
  • Images must be of good resolution, jpeg and clear. If they are reproductions or scans make sure the image is visible, flattened and looks good. If possible title your work. (If you say untitled, say untitled 1 or untitled 4526. We love numbers.)
  • Add in a line or two about who you are ( it’s free advertising right?)
  • Make sure it is your own article or submission and you own the copyright, if you have published it, or  plan to publish it somewhere else. (We cant afford lawyers.)
  • We are happy to carry hyperlinks to a related image or a meme (yes, we accept cartoons too) so long as it is suited to the overall purpose and quality of our website.
  • Send us a link of any posts on other sites you may have published the same content (Facebook, Instagram, your Blog) along with your screen name so we can acknowledge it.
  • Remember, our articles are peer reviewed and submission does not guarantee publication.
  • We may take your submission off the website or withhold it from online presence if the need arises due to any technical or editorial decisions.
  • Don’t plagiarize, use your own feet to walk, or you may end up as a small footnote in our office mails.
  • Please do not spam us. We will philosophically react to everything, even spams. We may end up using your spam message for our next paper (without citing you).

The barefootphilosophers editorial team (that is learning to dance)

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