Is loneliness something brought about by others, or something one inflicts upon themselves? Its interesting to see the complexity of the relationship between the Self and the Others in the development of loneliness. Each one of us is a separate person, who come into this world and will leave this world alone. We recognize and are well aware of this reality, yet we get consumed in and inextricably wound up in the networks that we forge while going about our lives that makes us overlook and even fearful of the one true fact and reality – our mortality. But is there a difference in being alone and being lonely. Perhaps the former is conditioned upon one’s own intention to isolate, be alone with their own thoughts while the latter is conditioned upon how the Others treat us, the one who is lonely. Do we look at someone who is alone and someone who is lonely with a different set of eyes? Alone as someone who themselves wishes for this situation, is more or less independent and more confident in their own space and what they need while a lonely person maybe viewed with rather sympathetic eyes and concern.

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