by Lavanya Naikodi.

Something that we as human beings can be proud of is our knowledge about the universe and our ability to explain and give reason for everything that happens around us. Yet, there are many things around us that we either are not aware of or cannot understand or explain, even in this age and time. Some of them are very intriguing and unresolved.  These in other words are mysteries. People have come out with their own explanations and views and have given various reasons, some not supported by logic too. One such incident happened in the Kongka La Pass in the India and China border. Some people claimed to have found evidence that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’S) were spotted in this area. Such is the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle. This region surrounds Puerto Rico and Miami and is situated on the Atlantic Ocean. Here Jet planes disappear between the flight, means of transport disappear, radio signals are also not found and it is said that many such happenings take place here. Likewise, so many things around us have something or other mysterious. These could either because of some physical or even externally force or even because of chemical composition of that object. There could be science or even something really mysterious that we just overlook. Science can really help explaining some of these things some way. Looking at the mystery of the Kongka La Pass, I suppose that the location, altitude and longitude  of  it is such that one could see the planets or even the other alien objects orbiting the earth from there.

One can perhaps believe that the underwater volcanic eruptions and earth quake happens to occur beneath the area of the Bermuda Triangle which happens to cause the unusual happening. There is some science that explains floating of rocks near the Buddha River in China when thrown in the river. Scientists say that the low level of the gravitational force in the area works on the rocks in a different manner. However the science does not have the answer of the Egyptian Pyramids whereas the researchers who tried to find out more about the mummies ended up with a mysterious death.

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Zaina · December 4, 2020 at

Very good

Lavanya · February 9, 2021 at

Very good

Mishti · February 9, 2021 at

beautiful way of interpreting such topics.

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