by Arush Kallivalappil.

Often when I sit idly, I ponder on situations where I get stuck. One of the most recollected thoughts in my mind is: What is the difference between right and wrong? The world we live in is a place where there are many things happening at once. The world is like a clock which doesn’t wait for anyone. People who are lazy lag behind and the audience term them as ‘losers’. They are termed wrong. People who excel in stuff are termed ‘winners’ and are role models for every person. These are instances where we get confused on whom to chose.

Quite a few times, the front-runner is the winner. But these people are often arrogant and stubborn due to the immense pressure on them to win over other competitive people. They become sour. However, few of them are calm and happy. They should be saluted. On the other hand, the losers (lazy people) are usually friendly as they have nothing to lose. There are winners who are stubborn and they should be pacified and appreciated for their hard work. The losers who are friendly and happy should be encouraged to do great things and to discover ‘the old, dusty but new world’. The losers who are frustrated should be encouraged and given more chances. If all these things happen, the world will have only winners and well-wishers. It is nearly impossible but we must always try. One step leads to another.

There was a boy who was quite intelligent. He used to excel in academics. He was loved by all his teachers but disliked by his classmates as he used to boast often. He once challenged a person who was frienly but weak in academics. The friendly boy was encouraged by his friends and so he worked hard and did wonders.

This is the crazy world we live in and there’s no turning back.

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