Loneliness could quite easily be considered one of the most harrowing aspects of modern life. It presents us with the agonising experience of confronting our own thoughts, particularly those which are critical of our worth and value.

Perhaps an even more troubling aspect of it is the feeling that ‘nobody cares about me’. From this mindset, both the corollaries ‘I shouldn’t care for anyone’, and ‘I don’t deserve to live’ are small stone-throws away, although in opposite directions.

Loneliness also makes one abundantly conscious of the pointlessness of continuing the daily motions required to sustain oneself. Earning a living, household chores, cooking, maintaining hygiene, paying bills, consulting doctors, all require consistent effort which in many ways, are not enjoyable. If the end goal of all these efforts is to sustain one’s survival, one can very well ask if that entails only a more prolonged but lonely existence.

The pandemic and the situation of living in lockdown has made many of us all too aware of the pains of loneliness. We, the Barefoot Philosophers team, hope to create dialogue on this matter. We believe that these darker elements of the human condition deserve to be voiced and engaged with. If nothing else, we hope that this endeavour makes clear to the reader that they are not alone and that people care.

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