by Dayani.

Many things have happened as I grew up. Some things come and some go. But there are some things which I won’t let go. My favourite is my balcony swing. Whichever house we shift to, it will always be there in our balcony. It is the only place where my imagination explodes and explores.  It is something like ‘the old palanquin’, about which Rabindranath Tagore explains in “My boyhood Days’.

The swing is where I have my weirdest imaginations and feelings. Well, I call it ‘spacetastic feelings’. Actually, it’s more like a ‘feeling less’ emotion. I usually sit upside down on the swing. I put my leg up on the arm rest and push anything nearby to swing. I see an upside down world which gives me new imaginations. Sometimes I hear a faint voice speaking. But, that lasts for a few seconds and as soon as it is over I forget what it was saying. I do many more things on the swing and surprisingly it helps me to imagine more strange things.

Sometimes I feel that a person’s imagination level goes down as they grow up. But, my mom says one can always be a kid at heart. I don’t agree with her. She says we have to grow to understand the world better. Grown up people don’t understand what I see. Why can’t we just think that clouds are huge puffs of soap bubbles made by somebody? And then, at school they teach us that clouds are made up of water vapour. Kids laugh so much but elders don’t laugh. Elders just worry about jobs!

I feel very lucky because I have a vast imagination. I think I have a power. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I call it the ‘opposite power’. When I think of something naturally, the opposite happens. For example, if I plan to study sincerely on someday, I will have to go out on that day and will miss my studies. Once, I wanted to play outside during rainy season. So, I just imagined that it would rain the whole day. And it turned out to be a sunny day! And I could play. That’s when I like it!

Well, as I said, my best friend is my swing. And also, books, plants and my imaginations.

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