by Yash Prasad.

Customary morality is the basic code of conduct, human being is tending to lose nowadays. Customary morality can be understood to mean what is being followed for a long time; it could be centuries or even less than a hundred years, but definitely something going on in a particular manner and style for a considerable amount of time. Morality should be understood in the context of this topic as something that was considered correct to do by a majority of people within a community.

Modern life could be the most difficult expression to understand. Modernity can come in thoughts, in literature, the way one dresses, and so on. However, this will also be handled in the right manner here. Many practices have been abandoned due to a natural transformation in the lifestyles of people. As people move from villages to the cities and started living in flats and apartments, they had to naturally throw many of their beliefs and practices out of the window. This includes the way the girls and women in the households were allowed to mix and mingle with the boys and the men. Almost the same way with  women going to work, what was once considered moral had to be overlooked because it can’t be the  guide for modern life and a whole generation grew out of those “customary moralities.” The other major reason is education made a lot of people struck with old-world thinking change their attitude towards morality. Making more money and seeking the pleasures of life only added to this new outlook on life and massive exposure that modern technology like cable television and the living rooms and in the hands of even the marginalized classes among the population has turned everything upside down.

Unfortunately, “customary morality” varies not only across different nations but even sometimes within the same nation and sometimes may be different within different regions of the same nation. The whole human history can be understood in terms of conflict along the lines of what has been identified under the phrase and we have not even touched or approached any of the views of various religions. It is too dangerous, given out passions, beliefs, and the nature of our general willingness to go to war, to be allowed to keep our various weapons which is already too powerful to use anywhere without further destroying the environment we all need to live within. However, to maintain a life that does not lead to harming others, it is necessary to maintain and adhere to customary morality. It is always essential to see that we do not harm people around us while we inundate ourselves in crooked competition. As it was rightly said by Theodore Roosevelt, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

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