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School Biology and Philosophy

A philosophical analysis of NCERT Biology

What does Philosophy Mean to You?

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On Loneliness

Short Reflections on Loneliness

What is ...?

A series of philosophical enquiries
curated by
Shivprajval Divakar

Philosophy for Children

Sundar Sarukkai

Lectures by Sundar Sarukkai

An archive of lectures and talks by Professor Sundar Sarukkai

Lectures by Meera Baindur

An archive of lectures and talks by Professor Meera Baindur

Latest Publication from Barefoot Members

Read Varun S Bhatta's paper - 'Critique of Wave‑Particle Duality of Single‑Photons' published in Journal for General Philosophy of Science

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Stems and Ink (Version 1)

-Shivprajval Divakar Activity 2 in Chapter 7 of the NCERT textbook for Science (Class 6) is an experiment which the textbook claims to establish that the stem transports water and minerals to different parts of Read more…

What is a Plant?

-Shivprajval Divakar I begin with Chapter 7 from the 6th standard NCERT textbook for Science titled, ‘Getting to Know Plants’. It is in the 6th standard that science is first introduced as a separate subject, Read more…

Concept Note for Series

-Shivprajval Divakar There is a popular view that science concerns itself with establishing ‘facts’ of the ‘physical world’. It is said that to do this, scientists put aside all of their ‘personal opinions’ and rely Read more…

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